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I’ve been fortunate to capture nearly a thousand events since my photography career began in 2004. I can attest that each one is beautiful in its own unique way.

Over the course of my career, I have worked in Jerusalem and shot several weddings in the UK. My clientele range from Chabad of Canada (they hosted the Prime Minister’s Delegation in Jerusalem) to Mishpacha magazine, Nefesh B’Nefesh and many others aside from my private clientele.

Why do I approach my work with so much enthusiasm? I feel really fulfilled when I see how happy people are with their photos. It’s also a joy when I can get even the most shy and non-camera friendly people to open up, smile and even chuckle a bit.

My goal is to create a fun experience. Even at 2:00 AM at the end of a Kotel shoot, when my bride and groom walk away with smiles on their faces, I know I’ve succeeded.

I love to connect with my clients, in particular, my brides. I personally know the excitement she's experiencing and exactly how to draw out her beauty in a way that only a woman can! 

People tell me that I camouflage really well. The biggest compliment I received was, “Sara, the photos were so beautiful, and I didn’t even realize you were there!”

I employ a staff of seasoned photographers capturing weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, family portraits and news events. 

I listen attentively to my clients’ needs, trying to get a picture of what they’re looking for.

I’ve recently taken up teaching and am currently developing a workshop for tourists. Details for this exciting project will be released in the near future. Stay tuned!

Where did I get my start? It all began at the Women in Film & Television Foundation in Toronto, Canada. I continued my studies at York University's Film School, focusing on directing, while pursuing photojournalism as a hobby. When I transitioned into the Israeli market, I found my passion for storytelling take shape as an event photographer.

I would love to make your story the next one!

~Sara lives in Jerusalem, Israel with her husband and delicious son and daughter.